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Welcome To

Torrey Pines Marketing

Just like the Torrey Pine tree, your company is one-of-a-kind.
Torrey Pines Marketing can help your company STAND OUT from
its peers in unique and creative ways.

Whether you are entertaining clients, leveraging a sponsorship,
refreshing your brand or developing new strategies, Torrey Pines Marketing
has the experience and creativity to take your company to new heights.

Sponsorship Leverage

Properly leveraging a sponsorship investment starts the moment you start negotiating
the contract. Successful sponsorship activation will make your customers
passionate about your company and provide the ROI that your company needs.

Transformational Event Strategy

In addition to every last execution detail, Torrey Pines Marketing creates and executes the strategy before, during and after your event to make it memorable, long-lasting, and impactful to attendees and all of your stakeholders.  From concept development, pre-promotion and content creation to post-event actionable steps, your events will have year round impact.

  • Campus SuperStar

    From recruiting students to managing auditions and marketing ticket sales, Torrey Pines Marketing was integral in every single aspect of the event, which, in 2015, 2017 and 2018, was a sold-out smashing success.

  • FinTech University, SF

    After finding the perfect venue, TPM organized a first class event in every aspect leaving attendees awe-struck at the value they had received at a complimentary event.

  • The Worldwide Senior Tennis Tour

    From overseeing the build of the stadium to working with CBS Televison, Torrey Pines Marketing was involved with four nationally televised events over two years on the Worldwide Senior Tennis Tour.

  • Mitchell Thorp Foundation 5K

    In addition to changing the event from a park loop walk to a true 5K, Torrey Pines Marketing was able to get the Foundation on two radio shows, three newspapers and attract four major TV networks to the event, providing massive exposure to the incredible work being done by the MTF.

  • Next Money & Next Bank

    The Financial Technology industry is abuzz with events and gatherings and Torrey Pines Marketing has created some of the most well-received in the industry in 2015 and 2016. From San Jose to Charlotte and New York City, attendees and sponsors have been amazed at the quality of the venues, content and flow of every single event.

  • Palm Springs Air Museum

    One of many client entertainment events executed for banks, this was an example of how TPM found a unique venue to create an atmosphere that is the opposite of a “stodgy bank.” With high end catering, eye catching decorations and engaging tours and exhibits, we were able to give bank clients a memorable experience.

Client Testimonials

We’re humbled by the kind words from our clients.

What if in planning an event you could eliminate nearly all the things that go wrong and when you do hit a bump in the road, address and solve it immediately? That’s what Troy Morrison and Torrey Pines Marketing does 24/7. Don’t leave home to plan a event without them.”

Mark Goulston

Keynote speaker and author, “Just Listen”

Torrey Pines Marketing did an excellent job with attention to every detail, selecting top-notch team of professionals in every expertise needed, always stayed calm and in control of the planning and execution of our event.”

Emily Jennewein


Hillel of San Diego


Our 3rd location is our flagship and we knew the success of the opening was vital to the success of our company. Thanks to Torrey Pines Marketing, the opening was the absolute home run our company needed.”

Darren Solomon

President & CEO

Kid Ventures


Simply put, the event was an A+.”

David Rainer

President & CEO

California United Bank


Troy and his team listened carefully to our goals and constraints and delivered a first class event in every respect.”

JP Nicols

CEO of Clientific

Co-Founder of the Bank Innovators Council


A great event is one where all the presenters are free to be themselves because there’s a framework that takes care of the logistics that won’t handle themselves, and that’s a ton of stuff from the venue to VIPs to stage choreography. Torrey Pines Marketing has that down and makes it look easy. Take it from someone who’s done enough times to bear the scars, it ain’t.”

Peter Scott

Futurist, Author

“Crisis of Control: How Artificial SuperIntelligences May Destroy or Save the Human Race”

Press & Public Relations

From writing press releases, to contacting media outlets – we can assist with any media objectives.

Our marketing team includes colleagues from alliance companies to provide
our clients with high quality marketing, branding, content development and communications.

Creative Agency

Branding, Content and Digital Marketing Agency

Production Agency