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Sponsorship Leverage

From engaging customers and entertaining clients to growing your brand,
driving sales and generating community goodwill,
Torrey Pines Marketing experience and expertise will allow your
sponsorship programs to drive measurable results.


creating promotions, hospitality experiences and events with
professional sports teams, college athletics, arts organizations and
one-time festivals and events.

Measurable Results for
Client Sponsorship Investments:


– A promotion in the Bay Area with a national bank around an
NFL playoff game resulted in a 30% increase in credit card sales
while the bank’s overall card sales decreased 2% during
that same period.

–  Researched, wrote and submitted nominations for a client’s customers
for nine prestigious Los Angeles Business Journal Awards events over
five years. Of all nominations submitted, 7.3% (61 of 833) were chosen
as winners. TPM’s nominations won 59.4% of the time (19 of 32).
–  Spent only 5% of the sponsorship fee in leverage (as opposed to
the “suggested” 100% – 300%) on a national brand’s sponsorship
of an NFL team. Following the season, the team used the sponsorship
program as an example of how to maximize a sponsorship on
six different occasions.
A campaign around a national brand’s sponsorship of a PGA
Tour event in Reno, NV resulted in a month-over-month increase
of 250% in product sales.
–  Created and developed a unique cause marketing campaign for a
bank’s sponsorship of an MLB team that was nationally recognized
as the benchmark for how corporate sponsorships can combine
philanthropy while generating profitable business. The sponsorship
program resulted in more than $10 million in new deposits
in the first year.
–  Developed a retail outlet traffic-driving promotion in conjunction
with an NCAA Division I conference basketball tournament that received
an “unprecedented redemption rate” of 60%.
–  Designed a bank’s NFL Team check card and developed promotions 
leading to 24,000 cards sold in two NFL seasons,
although the bank
had less than 2% market share.